How Can the Bible Relate to Us Today?

Sermons/Bible Studies

As far as I know, my sermons are my own. After 70 years of being in church, there may be some thoughts that are traceable to others, but I’m not aware of them. You are welcome to use messages, or any segment of messages, as your own as of this date. This may change in the future, but for now use what you will. I’m retired, and with the COVID, I am unlikely to use any of them in the future. I seem to be able to reach people in a different way, so I want to share what God has given to me over the years. When I print my messages on my blog, I will divide them by sections, so read from the bottom with “Part 1” as the latest blog will be at the top. Also, I am re-writing them a bit to talk to the reader in a more personal way rather than from behind an imaginary pulpit. As I am new to blogging, let’s see how this works together:

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