It’s Greek to Me!

Ephesians 1: 3-14 Study of Ephesians – Part 4 Greek was the language of commerce in the Roman Empire at the time of the writings of the New Testament, much like English is in much of the world today.  As an overview, King Philip II of Macedon (382-336 BC) started conquering the surrounding territory andContinue reading “It’s Greek to Me!”

I’m Paul. I Have Some Things to Say.

Ephesians 1: 1-2 – Part 3 It is not my intent to go through the book of Ephesians verse-by-verse.  However, how often do we skip over the salutations at the very beginning of a New Testament book thinking it is so much blah-blah empty words and just a formality?  However, in this study in EphesiansContinue reading “I’m Paul. I Have Some Things to Say.”

A Study in Ephesians – Part 2

The Great Mystery of the Ages When one begins to get into a study of the messages in Ephesians, one runs smack-dab (US English for “right in the middle of”) the question of predestination.  I tried to avoid it, but the first chapter just slaps one in the face with words such as “predestined,” “chose,”Continue reading “A Study in Ephesians – Part 2”

A Study in Ephesians – Part 1

The Church, of Which Christ Is the Head There are so many churches in the world, yet they generally call themselves “Christian” in some way or another.  To be Christian means to be Christ-followers or Christ-like.  I can’t say they all act like it all the time, but perhaps this thought of Christ being theContinue reading “A Study in Ephesians – Part 1”

True Worship

It is time for me to get back to what is important – and that is presenting studies of the Bible to the readers of this blogsite, Clear the Murk. While I’m pondering where to go next (possibly a study of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the church in the city of Ephesus (Ephesians)), IContinue reading “True Worship”


What is temptation and what is sin? How do they relate? How can you deal with temptation?

How to Avoid Making a Mess of Your Life – and How to Deal with It if You Do – Part 2

Let’s continue this foray into 2 Samuel 11 and the turning point in the life of David and of Israel. So to summarize yesterday’s blog, King David of Israel in the Scriptures should have been off to war and not lounging around in Jerusalem. When he saw the woman bathing, he could have made betterContinue reading “How to Avoid Making a Mess of Your Life – and How to Deal with It if You Do – Part 2”

How to Avoid Making a Mess of Your Life – and How to Deal with It If You Do – Part 1

How can you deal with mistakes in your life?