How to Avoid Making a Mess of Your Life – and How to Deal with It if You Do – Part 2

Let’s continue this foray into 2 Samuel 11 and the turning point in the life of David and of Israel. So to summarize yesterday’s blog, King David of Israel in the Scriptures should have been off to war and not lounging around in Jerusalem. When he saw the woman bathing, he could have made betterContinue reading “How to Avoid Making a Mess of Your Life – and How to Deal with It if You Do – Part 2”

How to Avoid Making a Mess of Your Life – and How to Deal with It If You Do – Part 1

How can you deal with mistakes in your life?

Language from the Masses to the Few

How the little church with a big heart started an ESL program.

Tips for Nominating Committees Preparing for the New Church Year

Do you want to revitalize your church and make its work more meaningful and effective?

How Long Have You Been Here?

I was watching TV last night – “North Carolina Weekend” on WUNC, a PBS station in Raleigh, NC.  The theme was visiting old stores in North Carolina, a few over a hundred years old.  At one hardware store, an older fellow was asked if he had lived there all his life. He replied, “Not yet!”

Small Church with a Big Heart

A major church split. The church went from a Sunday School attendance of 100 for the year (including the summer) to 16 by the time our family got there. We made the attendance 20. This was my second pastorate. The church was in a logging/lumber town of 30,000 in Washington State, and the police saidContinue reading “Small Church with a Big Heart”

What? Me Worry? – A Reflection

In the previous three Bible sessions on Worry (Parts 1, 2, 3), I presented the principle of depending on God’s provision, and he’ll take care of you.  But one has to wonder:  Is this for everyone?  Does this only apply to people of prosperous nations?  Yet, during this COVID crisis, many people around the world,Continue reading “What? Me Worry? – A Reflection”

Under Construction

There will be a pause while I work on getting the blog site to behave as I want it. I am still trying to make four menu headings under which there will be blog entries according to the menu heading. I’m hoping to avoid having to pay for a theme (a template), but I willContinue reading “Under Construction”