Can You Hear Me Now? – Part 2

Who is Hard of Hearing?  In her later years, my white-haired elderly mother had to go to the Emergency Room.  She was in a bed in the partitioned room, and I was seated as we waited.  Understand, if you will, she has acute hearing.  Finally, the young doctor came whirling in and took a lookContinue reading “Can You Hear Me Now? – Part 2”

Can You Hear Me Now? – Part 1

Your church is aware, sensitive to the needs of others – and maybe even hip.  Right?  ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) access to the building, like with ramps?  Check.  Special place in the sanctuary for wheelchairs so they don’t block the aisles?  Check.  Physical and Visually Impaired access to all buildings or campus? Continue reading “Can You Hear Me Now? – Part 1”

Tips for Nominating Committees Preparing for the New Church Year

Do you want to revitalize your church and make its work more meaningful and effective?