Regarding This Blog – Clear the Murk

Before I initiated this blog site, I was hoping and planning to have four choices for menu headings. I worked on it. I studied it. I tried everything I could to develop it. Finally, I found the step-by-step directions for how to do such a thing – from a non-WordPress site. Two pages of my writing to follow the steps. I followed the steps. I was impressed (with myself) that I had done everything right at each step. Then the last step came. Very simple: using “Permalinks”. Ahh, there’s the rub. You see, you have to be on the Business Plan to use Permalinks. I’m only on a Personal Plan, two pricing-steps below Business.

So I apologize to you, the Reader. I will have to put all my blogs under one heading and just divide them by the use of Categories. I’ll try to get used to it, and I certainly hope you will.

The categories for my blogs will be on the subjects of “Bible Studies/Sermons, Church, My Stories, Random Thoughts, and Very Random Thoughts. I think that keep you and I busy for now.

Published by John M

I think differently. Every once in a while, I have an insight or a thought that could be useful to others. My background is over 30 years in church leadership & 30 years in social work with M.Div. and M.S.W. degrees - and yes, I do enjoy retirement. My heart is in teaching. And I try to teach in a way that you don't have to have a degree to understand it. So, join me on this journey we call Life as we explore God, the Bible, the Church and the world around us together. I've been married to my wife for 48 years. We have three grown and married children of whom we are very proud. And they have blessed us with seven grandchildren. We both grew up in Washington State, but we now live in North Carolina with a lot of experience between those two points.

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