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Regarding This Blog – Clear the Murk

Before I initiated this blog site, I was hoping and planning to have four choices for menu headings. I worked on it. I studied it. I tried everything I could to develop it. Finally, I found the step-by-step directions for how to do such a thing – from a non-WordPress site. Two pages of my writing to follow the steps. I followed the steps. I was impressed (with myself) that I had done everything right at each step. Then the last step came. Very simple: using “Permalinks”. Ahh, there’s the rub. You see, you have to be on the Business Plan to use Permalinks. I’m only on a Personal Plan, two pricing-steps below Business.

So I apologize to you, the Reader. I will have to put all my blogs under one heading and just divide them by the use of Categories. I’ll try to get used to it, and I certainly hope you will.

The categories for my blogs will be on the subjects of “Bible Studies/Sermons, Church, My Stories, Random Thoughts, and Very Random Thoughts. I think that keep you and I busy for now.

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