What? Me Worry? – Part 2

{Parts of this series may have been inspired from two sources:  God’s Miraculous Plan of Economy by Jack R. Taylor.  Broadman Press, 1975.  And some presentations by Rev. Cecil C. Sims, Executive Director/Treasurer of the Pacific Northwest Baptist Convention, 1980-1995.  Also, some of the scripture passages have been copied and pasted from the New InternationalContinue reading “What? Me Worry? – Part 2”

What? Me Worry? – Part 1

Introduction: We are in crazy, stressful times, aren’t we? There’s a virus running rampant causing us to change the way we shop, eat, vacation, and even relax with friends and family. This virus governs our jobs – or if we even still have one – our paying the rent or mortgage or insurance or carContinue reading “What? Me Worry? – Part 1”