What? Me Worry? – A Reflection

In the previous three Bible sessions on Worry (Parts 1, 2, 3), I presented the principle of depending on God’s provision, and he’ll take care of you.  But one has to wonder:  Is this for everyone?  Does this only apply to people of prosperous nations?  Yet, during this COVID crisis, many people around the world,Continue reading “What? Me Worry? – A Reflection”

What? Me Worry? – Part 3

Well, we can talk about what worry is as we’ve done previously, but most importantly, how can we deal with it? III.  How to deal with worry.  This certainly won’t cover everything about worry, but it will give you some basic principles through which you can address worry in your life.  First of all, realizeContinue reading “What? Me Worry? – Part 3”

What? Me Worry? – Part 2

{Parts of this series may have been inspired from two sources:  God’s Miraculous Plan of Economy by Jack R. Taylor.  Broadman Press, 1975.  And some presentations by Rev. Cecil C. Sims, Executive Director/Treasurer of the Pacific Northwest Baptist Convention, 1980-1995.  Also, some of the scripture passages have been copied and pasted from the New InternationalContinue reading “What? Me Worry? – Part 2”