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Hope – a Message of Christmas & Until

We often think of hope as indicating something that we would like to see happen but that has a possibility of not happening. What is the meaning of hope in the Bible? How does that relate to us in our everyday lives?

Stand Your Ground! – Ephesians 6: 13

Evil can be difficult to identify. It’s not often a blatant physical enemy. More often evil is hidden in our attitudes and actions. So what does evil look like? And how do we prepare for evil?

Birthmonth! One More Thought!

I have an annoying behavior. When I call someone on the telephone, I always have a second thought after I have hung up the phone. The person that I just talked to on the phone can assuredly expect a call back from me within a minute to two. I am sorry, but blogs are no…

Happy BirthMonth!

I almost missed it! This month celebrates one year of existence of this blog site: “Clear the Murk” (! I started the blog a year ago on July 18, 2020. Since then, I have posted 73 times, with almost all of them being in-depth Bible studies. And I wrote every single one with quotes from…

A Retrospection on Tithing

I have been thinking about the blog I wrote about tithing on June 21, 2021. I left out an important consideration: To whom should you tithe? The matter of tithing is intensely personal. Perhaps you are giving less than 10%, but you are giving. Your faith just isn’t quite there, yet. Or you have some…

The Great Shepherd Looking Out for His Sheep

Summary of the last blog to bring you up to date: In my last blog dated May 31 about the narrative often referred to as “The Road to Emmaus” as portrayed in Luke 24: 13-35, I discussed the disciples Cleopas and another disciple (spouse, sibling, friend – identity unknown) leaving the group of grieving, puzzled…


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