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What Do You Know about Love? – 2

A passage about love in I Corinthians 13 in the Bible is often used in weddings. However, what does it really mean to love? What does that look like? And what does “love” look like when it is misused? Also, do you know what the numbers are for the Domestic Violence and the Child Abuse hotlines? They are listed in this blog – along with the location for the Power and Control diagram. Love is important in our lives. Let’s learn what it is as we share our lives with others.

What Do You Know about Love? – Part 1

We talk about love – love for our parents, for our spouses, for our friends – but what is love really? What does it look like in the everyday processes of life? A passage in the Bible is often used in weddings, but do the participants know what it truly means to love?

How to Understand Scripture – a Guideline

How can you understand the Bible? What are some guidelines for helping you as you read the Bible and its meaning? Here are five steps to help you understand what you read in the Bible.

A Glimpse of the Study to Come – and a Quick Personal Note

Marriage is important, but what does the Bible actually say about marriage? What does the Apostle Paul say about marriage? No, not what others say he says, but what he means when he writes. The purpose of today’s blog is to point the reader to next week’s beginning of a study on marriage from Ephesians 5.

God’s Love – Welding Divisions Together

Are you on Facebook, Twitter or other social media? Have you seen people write mean things on those platforms? How can we rise above those negative attitudes? What are some answers for living positively in a negative world?


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