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Love Is More than a Four-Letter Word

Ephesians 3: 16-19 We, the people of the entire world, all 7,800,000,000 (that’s 7.8 billion people) from every land mass of this world including the research stations on Antarctica, are all battling this COVID-19 pandemic as well as we are able. For too many, COVID is the least of their problems as they yearn for […]

What Gift Can I Give for Stressed, Overworked Hospital Workers?

Just before Christmas, I heard a doctor at a hospital in Houston, Texas, USA being interviewed on the radio. At that time, he had worked over 270 days straight, catching naps on cots at the hospital. We know that hospital staff – doctors, nurses, social workers, aides, housekeepers, custodians, maintenance – is bearing the brunt […]

Certain Asian Movies I Recommend

There are some Asian movies I recommend, and they are all set in feudal times. They are: “War of the Arrows” (sister is kidnapped for marriage and brother goes to find her and rescue her; Korean); “Red Cliff (political decisions when there are three factions and one of them is very powerful; Chinese); “Sunset Samurai” […]

Where Is This “Church with a Big Heart?”

“The Church with a Big Heart” [reference August 11, 2020] was in a lumber town in Washington State of the United States with a population of 30,000 citizens at the time, now 38,000.  The church had undergone a major church split before my arrival forty years ago, and I was the first pastor after this […]

The Night the Angels Sang – Part 3 Final

Luke 2: 13-20 Up to this point, there was just an angel – a messenger from God – making a sudden appearance with a lot of light, interrupting a group of shepherds from what was a quiet, dark, typical night.  The angel gave them a message of the birth of Christ the Lord.  Here is […]

The Night the Angels Sang – Part 1

Luke 2: 8-20 There have been momentous events in the last 100 years, events that have influenced the way people think and behave: The Great Depression (1929-1933):  My parents and my wife’s parents lived through this time. Many people were poor, and they were hungry.  In their later years, my in-laws had three full large […]

Out of Two Comes One

Ephesians 2: 11-18 There was a problem in the church at Ephesus and other churches.  Christianity started out as a movement within Judaism.  In fact, in its early days it was referred to merely as “The Way” (Acts 9:2; 24:14).  In fact, the ministry of Jesus and the apostles was solely in the Jewish province […]

The Work – Faith Balance

Ephesians 2: 8-10; James 2: 14-19; Mark 12: 29-31 Have you heard of people needing to keep a proper “work-life balance”? This means that work doesn’t so consume you that you forget about living your life at home with family or having a personal life outside of work.  Sometimes believers have that problem in their […]

Just Checking In

I hope each of you are well at the time of you reading this.  I haven’t written for two weeks, but I am well.  It has just been a busy time, and my Bible study blogs take four to six hours (or more) to write. We in the United States have just concluded our Thanksgiving […]


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