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Hope – a Message of Christmas & Until

We often think of hope as indicating something that we would like to see happen but that has a possibility of not happening. What is the meaning of hope in the Bible? How does that relate to us in our everyday lives?

Stand Your Ground! – Ephesians 6: 13

Evil can be difficult to identify. It’s not often a blatant physical enemy. More often evil is hidden in our attitudes and actions. So what does evil look like? And how do we prepare for evil?

Birthmonth! One More Thought!

I have an annoying behavior. When I call someone on the telephone, I always have a second thought after I have hung up the phone. The person that I just talked to on the phone can assuredly expect a call back from me within a minute to two. I am sorry, but blogs are no […]

Happy BirthMonth!

I almost missed it! This month celebrates one year of existence of this blog site: “Clear the Murk” (! I started the blog a year ago on July 18, 2020. Since then, I have posted 73 times, with almost all of them being in-depth Bible studies. And I wrote every single one with quotes from […]

A Retrospection on Tithing

I have been thinking about the blog I wrote about tithing on June 21, 2021. I left out an important consideration: To whom should you tithe? The matter of tithing is intensely personal. Perhaps you are giving less than 10%, but you are giving. Your faith just isn’t quite there, yet. Or you have some […]

The Great Shepherd Looking Out for His Sheep

Summary of the last blog to bring you up to date: In my last blog dated May 31 about the narrative often referred to as “The Road to Emmaus” as portrayed in Luke 24: 13-35, I discussed the disciples Cleopas and another disciple (spouse, sibling, friend – identity unknown) leaving the group of grieving, puzzled […]


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